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Welcome to Grow and Tell! In the following pages, you’ll find blog posts, detailing all manner of plants, from UK native wildflowers to ornamental garden plants to Tumblr-worthy house plants. I also write about the Birth Flower of every month.

Latest posts

The birth flower of October: Marigold

October marks the beginning of my favourite season. The days get colder, jumpers get woolier and drinks get warmer. It’s perfect, then, that warming Marigolds are the birth flower for October. But what is a Marigold?

The birth flower of September: Aster

In the Northern hemisphere, September means welcoming Autumn back while still clinging to the last of the Summer warmth. This dazzling September favourite is the perfect transitional plant as we move into Autumn, with their colourful, summery petals and warm, autumn coloured inflorescences.

The birth flower of August: Gladiolus

With this August being the hottest the UK has seen for the last 17 years, it seems fitting that this fiery, energetic flower is its symbol. Gladioli have found worldwide fame and feature heavily in art, folklore and popular culture.